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Database Statistics

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 Description   Quantity 
Total Individuals 20996  
Total Males 11471 (54.63%)  
Total Females 9443 (44.98%)  
Total Unknown Gender 82 (0.39%)  
Total Living 488  
Total Families 9881  
Total Unique Surnames 4246 
Total Photos
Total Histories & Documents
Total Headstones
Total Sources
Average Lifespan1 54 years, 207 days 
Earliest Birth (Flocwald ABT 0100 
Date of Last GEDCOM Import 18 May 2007

 Longest Lived1   Age 
William De Hobrugg 802 years 117 days
Thomas Thayer 438 years 75 days
Elizabeth La Zouche 343 years 137 days
John Thayer 336 years 307 days
Richard Shatswell 336 years 273 days
Seth Pope 327 years 309 days
Joseph Wheeler 320 years 0 days
Desire Doty 286 years 0 days
Nathaniel Whitting 252 years 167 days
John Curtis 192 years 335 days

1 Age-related calculations are based on individuals with recorded birth and death dates. Due to the existence of incomplete date fields(e.g., a death date listed only as '1945' or 'BEF 1860'), these calculations cannot be 100% accurate.

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